What is it?

OilMarketCube provides monthly, global field-by-field coverage of historical and forecast oil production, including the effects of planned and unplanned outages, seasonality and policy decisions at the asset level, the analysis of the latest monthly supply trends across multiple dimensions, including crude grade, oil quality, geography, and operator. Includes an archive of all historical releases.

What can I achieve?

Acquire a complete overview of facts and forecasts on global oil supply at field level

Perform timely and efficient analysis of the latest short-term supply trends, including the effect of outages (planned and unplanned), start-up volumes and field decline

Conduct global supply analysis across crude grade and oil quality (API/sulfur)

Get a complete, transparent overview of sources and revisions

Who is it for?

Oil Trading Houses
Trading arms at E&Ps
Investors, funds (paper traders)
Oil market analysts across the industry
Downstream companies
Midstream companies, oil storage, and logistics
Corporates (hedgers)

Global oil supply analysis

Analyze global oil supply trends built bottom-up by more than 18,000 assets.

Country supply analysis

Analyze each of the 120+ oil-producing countries supply trends across multiple dimensions.

Crude stream analysis

Analyze each of the 650+ individual global crude streams supply and quality trends.

Not-yet-producing Supply Analysis

Analyze upcoming global field start-ups across multiple dimensions.

Outage and maintenance analysis

Analyze historical maintenance patterns and Rystad’s outages forecast by field, grade, operator or country.

Forecast change management

We provide full transparency with access to all historically released versions for change management