Included in any database subscription from Rystad Energy is a proprietary developed tool for easy, efficient and intuitive access to- and analysis of the data within the databases.

The goal with the Cube Browser tool is to make working with large and complex databases easy, fast, and inspiring. Cube Browser embeds the same type of functionality as Excel pivot tables. This ensures that the tool is powerful and flexible in analysis, efficient in producing charts, maps and tables for reports, and is avoiding bottlenecks and limitations met in other programs. Further, Cube Browser includes user validation and encrypted communication at different security levels. Cube Browser is installed on the user's PC just like any other Windows program. The UCube browser interface ergonomics are designed to enable fast interaction with vast amounts of data.

There are three types of areas within the interface: Command Areas, Display & Format Areas as well as Working Areas.

The Command Areas are the Menu Bar, Tab Bar, and the Query Ribbon, and they primarily deal with downloading new data/refreshing current selections from the server as well as the conservation of the current data.

The Display & Format Areas are the Mode Ribbon, Display Ribbon, and the Format Ribbon, which control how raw data is represented in the display area. The Display Ribbon and Format Ribbon are Mode dependent.

The Working Areas are the Data Panel, Filter Panel, and Query Fields which allow to select, filter, and query data.


Cube Browser

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