Data Feeds & GIS Service


Rystad Energy Data feeds & GIS Service provides complete or customized datasets from our databases. The data is delivered and updated through industry standard protocols such as OData, FTP, ARC GIS REST API and can be imported easily into your preferred Data analysis tool.



Complete or customized datasets from Rystad Energy Databases

  • System for downloading complete or partial datasets from Rystad Energy databases
  • Numerical data delivered through the industry standard protocols FTP and OData
  • Maps and spatial data from Cubes delivered through Arc GIS REST API and other communication protocols (WMS, WFS)
  • Same frequency of data updates as released in Cube Browser



Utilize the value of Rystad Energy Data in your preferred data analysis system

  • Be able to analyze Rystad Energy data in the BI tool of your choice
  • Data can be imported into custom built system or industry standard tools such as Excel, Spotfire, PowerBI, Tableau and a wide range of similar tools
  • GIS Data can be imported into your internal GIS system and analyzed together with all other GIS data
  • Supplement or compare with any other data source to ensure the optimal business intelligence behind your business decisions



Analysts that require access to Cube data from outside CubeBrowser or prebuilt dashboards

  • Have a preference for using industry standard analysis tools
  • Are using custom built in-house BI analysis systems
  • Need to combine RE data with data from other sources
  • Would like to include RE data into in-house GIS systems and tools


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