United Kingdom Continental Shelf Solution (UKCSSolution) provides up-to-date information on licenses and field activities on the United Kingdom Continental Shelf. It reviews key activities, transactions, work programs, and drilling plans on the UKCS on a monthly basis. We offer data and analysis through UCube UK, GIS map and UKCS Analytics - Atlas, commentaries and reports covering regional upstream activity..

The UKCS is a mature oil & gas province with significant infrastructure, known resource in place and high operating costs. These characteristics open the region for significant opportunities dependent the strategic outlook of the different companies, including M&A, reserve growth, production optimization or understanding potential challenges involved with decommissioning. Some companies are exiting, while others are using the opportunity to enter the UKCS or to grow their existing portfolio in the region.

The UKCSSolution is a comprehensive source of information that can assist companies in making informed decisions about embarking on activity, not only in the UKCS as a whole, but in particular areas of the UKCS.



  • Area-by-area reviews on key activities by license and field, with information on ownership, work program, and drilling plans
  • Exploration drilling activity information on recently completed, ongoing and future exploration wells
  • Reserves/resources benchmarks for all UKCS license owners split by life cycle, including yet-to-find; forecast production profiles split by liquids and gas, life cycle, and company type
  • Production profile outlook for companies on the UKCS
  • Special features including asset and corporate transaction statistics, assessments on implied reserves values
  • UCube Economic Model: fully customizable, transparent, Excel-based model for evaluating upstream oil & gas assets, companies and portfolios in the UKCS region
  • Asset Factsheet reports: reports on every field, licence & discovery in UCube UK containing maps, production profiles, field description, resources, economic metrics, scenario analysis etc.
  • Monthly PDF UKCS Atlas
  • Regional commentaries: Frequent notes on regional upstream analysis and activity
  • Access to analysts and 24/7 support



  • Macro analysis: Map key activities by license and field for the entire UKCS
  • Valuation: Obtain valuation and full cash flow profiles for all assets
  • Benchmarking: Analyze production profiles of key operators
  • Strategy and business development: Leverage the UKCS production outlook for strategic decisions


Ideal for

  • Oil and gas companies 
  • Financial market: Investors, investment banking, equity research and M&A
  • Governments and governmental agencies
  • Consulting and advisory firms


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