ShaleWellCube (Shale Well Database) provides users with the most comprehensive and reliable data coverage for the North American shale, oil sands, and conventional well activities. It is a powerful tool that assists users with their own analysis of the historical development of oil and gas activities in a quick and efficient way.

ShaleWellCube covers more than 1,500,000 wells updated on a daily basis. The tool includes a wide range of data, such as monthly oil and gas production as well as water and estimated NGL volumes, integrated FracFocus disclosure, and well completion details. Additionally, the database uses satellite data to systematically monitor more than 40,000 permitted and drilled locations across the US, continuously identifying the presence of any activity taking place. It also provides users with powerful capabilities to conduct decline curve analysis, monitor pad drilling trends, and get a unique insight into the composition of the fracking fluid and well economics, enabling users to have a complete picture of the North American oil and gas market.

Our analysts continuously collect and verify data from official reports and sources, and update them in the database on a daily basis.

Our data feed delivery method allows Rystad Energy data to be delivered and updated through industry-standard protocols such as OData, FTP and ArcGIS REST API, and can easily be imported into a client's preferred data analysis tool. 

Our ShaleWellCube Dashboards provide an easy and intuitive overview of shale basins, well costs, well performance and well configuration benchmarking, among other important indicators. 

Our proprietary tool CubeBrowser, developed for easy, efficient and intuitive access to our data and analysis, makes it easy to work with large amounts of complex data – like working with pivot tables.

Additionally, the database includes Shale Maps with a comprehensive overview of acreage positions for key players in major basins, geological layers for major plays and surface lateral length projections.

As part of the subscription, users of the database will receive regular Commentaries providing insights into major and emerging shale plays in the US, Canada and Argentina and the News and Revision Report with updates on methodology and summary of significant revisions.



  • More than 1.5 million horizontal wells, fracked vertical wells and conventional wells, providing comprehensive US Land and Canada Onshore coverage 
  • Historical monthly operated oil and gas production 
  • Extensive well information, including geographic attributes, critical dates in the well life-cycle, production test data, well-level information on suppliers and service providers, and technical well disclosures such as perforation, tubing and casing records 
  • Near real-time satellite-based frac activity data, continuously monitoring all relevant permitted and drilled locations across the US 
  • Detailed well analysis, such as multi-dimensional well spacing and frac interference, oil and gas EUR (estimated ultimate recovery) per well, the most granular oil and gas production forecast by well life-cycle, drilling and completion costs, breakeven prices, well NPVs and IRRs. 
  • Access to our Shale Map acreage, geology and infrastructure layers, with a data feed delivery option



  • Macro analysis: Obtain critical insights into the entire North American Shale, including major shale plays as Bakken, Eagle Ford, Marcellus and Utica, Permian Midland, Permian Delaware, Niobrara, SCOOP and STACK. Detect recent high-impact wells in emerging plays.
  • Benchmarking: Compare performance of different shale players and analyze their portfolios
  • Strategy & business development: Identify short-term trends and total liquids potential for the North American shale
  • Valuation: Understand well drilling and completion costs along with breakeven prices


Ideal for

  • North American shale operators
  • Financial market participants
  • Oilfield service companies
  • Consulting and advisory firms
  • Research institutions



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