We help you with any questions related to our products. Ongoing support is vital for our clients, and we have engaged a dedicated support team of analysts and IT responsibles focussing on your data and technical queries. We aim to respond to your queries promptly, at latest within 48hrs, and will call you in case you have outstanding questions.

Our support team is available via support@rystadenergy.com or phone numbers below.



Contact us to receive a product presentation
We are happy to provide you with a free webex or in-person tutorial, presenting the database of your interest. You can tell us up-front what you like to have covered on case examples and scenarios and we will focus on your desired queries.

Get a license key
Once you have decided to obtain our databases, you will receive a license key via email.

Install our Cube Browser user interface
Cube Browser is the common user interface for all cubes. Cube Browser is installed in minutes like any other Windows program. You can go to our Downloads page for more details.

As long as you have an Internet connection available you can use your cubes. However, many companies have strict firewalls or use proxy servers, which require specific settings. In such cases it might be necessary to configure Cube Browser before use, which is quickly done once you get the necessary information. Read more about the Technical Information. Outside such firewalls, e.g. on a home computer, Cube Browser should connect out-of-the-box.

Register your license key
You have earlier received a license key via email. In the log-in window you need to choose 'Register a new license key'. Paste in your license key and choose your username and password. Press 'Register'. When the log-in dialog reappears log in with your username and password. Your personal username and password allow you to log in on any computer. Your username and password are personal and not to be shared with others.

Receive training and online tutorials
Our databases are easy and intuitive to use. However, it may be useful to get some training. We will contact you to see if you wish to receive web-based training or you may yourself run through the different tutorials we offer. You find a selection of tutorials and manuals on our support pages (press F1 in Cube Browser). The UCubeFree tutorial is a video mainly showing how to use Cube Browser on a simple data set. This applies to all cubes and the video is a good starting point for anyone starting to work with our databases.

Contact Support Team:


+47 90 88 77 00 / 800 400 12
+1 281 231 26 00
+65 69 09 37 15